I was watching Tiwa Savage’s interview regarding her marriage–the fallout with her husband, the Instagram mudslinging, the cheating, etc. Clearly this is a woman in pain, a woman who has absorbed all of this man’s whims, philandering, abusiveness, and weakness. Yet there was this undercurrent of responsibility. That somehow she must have neglected him, made him feel unimportant, not done enough to make him feel like a man–not asking him enough times if he was hungry. What is it with manhood that necessitates a woman’s weakness in order to exist?Manhood, it seems to me, can only exist in negatives: not … Continue reading Manhood


Detached. It is something I feel quite often, mainly from people. I suppose its because I am consumed (a tad bit unhealthily) by ideas, a vision of a future me, a destination I have not yet arrived at. It’s the love for my country, my people, my own uncontainable desire to be great, to exist outside of myself. Isn’t this what we all want? Continue reading Detached

It was graduation nite…

It was graduation nite and I was the only virgin in the crowd… I was recently in a production of Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf. I played Lady in Yellow, a vibrant and delicate young girl whose account of her high school graduation opens the play. If you haven’t read it, For Colored Girls is a choreo-poem (nothing like Tyler Perry’s rendition) that follows seven ladies, identified only by color– Lady in Brown, Lady in Red, Lady in Orange, Lady in Yellow, Lady in Purple, Lady in Green, and my favorite, Lady … Continue reading It was graduation nite…

When Gold Coast Met Princeton

This photoshoot started out as a marketing reparation to my sister for keeping me blessed with flawless African print outfits. But in between staged candids and “playing” croquet against the backdrop of quintessential Princeton, I realized that our little afternoon distraction had become something greater than ourselves. Over my time here, I have heard many black women on this campus voice out a feeling of invisibility, of forgetting their infinite beauty, of not quite belonging. We may all respond to this sentiment differently–by recoiling or conforming to this space, creating our own spaces to thrive in, or numbing ourselves to … Continue reading When Gold Coast Met Princeton

Sankofa: Le retour

I fell off the grid for so long that an apology seems useless. Nonetheless, it’s a good feeling to finally return. I am not a blogger so forming the habit of writing somewhat consistently is quite difficult, not to mention that I had a senior thesis to research and write (108 pages baby!). Though that took up a lot of my time, mental, physical, and emotional energies, there are many things I have been meaning to reflect upon and I hope this is really the beginning of making this blog a more serious undertaking. Now on to the matter. It is my … Continue reading Sankofa: Le retour

Turning Dreams into Reality

Read this on Huffington Post and it is everything I have been feeling lately:  Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, you had a dream for your life. What happened? Maybe you are living it and if you are, a big congratulations to you. But if you aren’t, can you figure out why not? Maybe you pursued a dream and things didn’t work out the way you wanted. Maybe life got in the way. It’s possible that you decided to follow a practical path or the road you thought people wanted you to follow (your friends, your … Continue reading Turning Dreams into Reality

We’re all in this alone

I was running before and now that I have paused, I realize how incredibly alone I am. That comfort, that warmth, that closeness, of both heart and mind, that others feel with with one another, are absent for me. I lost those things a while ago and now I don’t remember what it feels like to not be alone. But perhaps this is just my restless soul speaking. Or maybe a lot of people feel this way and I am being dramatic. Perhaps I have grown up. Is this what growing up feels like? *** Moments after I met with … Continue reading We’re all in this alone